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  • Name: Automatic metal stone concrete marble floor polishing machine
  • Item No. BTD 250S
    HP 4HP
    Voltage 3KW, 220V
    Rotating Speed 1460-1735rpm
    Frequency  50HZ
    Grinding disc 17inch
    Weight 70KG
    Dimension 74*50*88cm
    Working width 250mm
    Application Concrete, marble, granite


    Main Features:

    1) The composition can be disassembled, easy to transport on the road, installed and later maintained.

    2) The machine uses world-renowned brand components, including motors, switches and operating parts.

    3) Foldable handle, ergonomically designed to create a relaxed and comfortable job.

    4) The machine quality is guaranteed, the delivery speed is fast, there is overseas after-sales service, rest assured to buy after-sales worry-free

    5) Use a connector to connect the vacuum cleaner and use it together to create a dust-free environment.

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